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ICTC, Canadian Education Association sign 3-year agreement


Two of Canada’s prominent NGOs working toward better classroom support for advanced technology learning have signed a memorandum of understanding to achieve that goal. The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and Canadian Education Association (CEA) will collaborate on joint activities advocating effective classroom technology integration to prepare students for future success and boost Canada’s standing in the global digital economy.

“This ICTC/CEA partnership will help advance the awareness of the need to engage students and teachers intellectually through meaningful and innovative teaching and learning. The result will be engaged learners who are equipped with 21st century skills and passionate teachers who have the skills and resources they need to teach the way they aspire to teach,” said Ron Canuel, CEA President and CEO. “To transform highly complex education systems, innovative strategies – including the integration of technologies in classrooms – must include the participation of and collaboration between those in all areas of education.”

“Our collaboration will strengthen partner and stakeholder engagement to support the design and development of strategies that build a strong workforce. Today’s youth require real information technology and business skills that are the educational advantage they need to succeed in the 21st century digital and knowledge economy,” said Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO. “A 3% increase in labour productivity would help Canada’s ICT sector grow by over $620 million – and the overall Canadian economy grow by $24 billion annually. A better match between Canadians’ skills and those required in the job market will be key to achieving this.”

The partners have agreed to an initial three year partnership to collaborate on research, events, and other initiatives that help achieve this goal.

For more information, please contact:

Jeff Leiper, VP, Strategic Communications, Research & Policy
Information and Communications Technology Council | 613.868.2375

Max Cooke, Director, Communications
Canadian Education Association | 416.427-6454


Founded in 1891, the Canadian Education Association (CEA) is a network of passionate educators advancing ideas for greater student and teacher engagement in public education. CEA does this by conducting research and spreading useful ideas through its publications, website, workshops, symposia, and social media channels, and supporting education systems to be more adaptive to the rapidly changing needs of all learners in an effort to reverse the trend of students ‘tuning out’ of their learning opportunities. (

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a centre of expertise in digital economy research, labour market intelligence, policy development, program management and delivery. Through our strong network of industry, academia and government, we enable the progress of Canada’s future economies by empowering industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market through a highly-skilled and innovative workforce. (