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Back to News reflects on CompTIA’s recent survey regarding Skills Gap in Canada


Although the threat of a skills gap continues to loom large in the IT industry in Canada, hiring young people and certifying their skills might be the best way to build a more competent workforce, according to the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

In a survey released this week, CompTIA revealed that out of the 125 Canadian business executives that it polled, 90 per cent of them were concerned about the skill gap between employees and job requirements in IT. More than half of them were also concerned about the quality of hires they were bringing into their workplaces.

While a lack of competence affects productivity and customer service delivery, another 38 per cent of the executives said they believed human error and a lack of skill endangered their companies’ security.

With the rise of social media, compounded by a lack of security expertise when using websites and applications, employers might be right to be concerned about their young employees and whether they are really up to scratch. READ MORE...