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Riverview Rural High School, new addition to the FIT program

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - Riverview Rural celebrated being the first high school to formally join the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) Focus on Information Technology program (FIT). In its honour, a celebratory IT fair was held introducing students to the exciting world of ICT and the many career possibilities. The excitement for teacher and students alone generated enough buzz it was picked up by one of the local news sources.

The Cape Breton Post followed a student, Callum Pickles, who created his own computer program that assists people who suffer from arthritis and other similar conditions. His innovative program enables users to navigate a computer with ease through colour recognition technology. Callum is among the many students are Riverview High School that are now able to enroll in the nationally recognized FIT program.

"My role as well as NSCC was really to help with the company engagement and part of the program involves work placement and mentorship to make those connections between students and some of the companies," said Bob Pelley, a regional manager with Innovacorp. "All of the companies here have expressed interest in participating. We won't know the extent of partnerships until we know the number of students they have enrolled."

This event sheds light on the value ICT plays in Canadian youths’ futures and education. ICTC, with the FIT program, hopes to double their enrollment in Nova Scotia by this time next year.