The Digital Development and Acceleration of Skills Hub Initiative (Digital DASH Initiative) as part of the federal government’s CanCode program. ICTC’s Digital DASH Initiative is a program for grades 6-12 that will equip both students and educators with experiential learning opportunities to create strong pathways towards digital careers. The Digital DASH Initiative will:
  • Engage over 5,200 students and 500 teachers across the country
  • Provide teacher training to support integration of digital skills in the classroom
  • Work with schools to introduce ICTC’s Focus on Information Technology (FIT) and Middle Years FIT (MYFIT) certificate programs into curriculum
  • Offer work-integrated learning opportunities & real business challenges for students
  • Build and measure impact through youth ambassadors
  • Create supportive education-industry aligned skills frameworks and pathways for youth
  • Reach underrepresented groups and underserved locations


The Government of Canada’s CanCode program will support initiatives providing educational opportunities for coding and digital skills development to Canadian youth from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). It also supports initiatives that provide K-12 teachers with the training and professional development they need to introduce digital skills, coding and related concepts into the classroom. The program aims to equip youth, including traditionally underrepresented groups, with the skills and study incentives they need to be prepared for the jobs of today and the future. Canada’s success in the digital economy depends on leveraging our diverse talent and providing opportunity for all to participate—investing in digital skills development will help to achieve this.


Youth are Canada’s future innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and solution providers. It is increasingly vital to encourage them to build digital skills and develop the kind of computational thinking, entrepreneurial, creative and complex problem-solving skills that are required in today’s world. By becoming fluent in the use of information and communications technology (ICT) and digital skills, youth will achieve the tools and knowledge required to be active participants in a competitive digital economy, using their skills to fuel Canada’s innovation and growth. Let’s collaborate on the Digital Dash Initiative.

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