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Role of Parents

Role of Parents – How you can Help

All parents and families want the best for their children. However, sometimes it is difficult for a family to know when they should be playing and active or passive role in their child’s education. What some of us don’t know is that there is ample research to suggest that young adults are more likely to succeed if their families play an active role in their education. FIT encourages parents to engage with their teens and learn about their interests, current education and potential career aspirations. We also have dedicated a page for you to learn more about playing an active role in your child’s education and with the FIT program.

How to play an active role in your child’s education and FIT?

1)   Understand the importance of ICT in your child’s future and suggest they take programs like FIT.

2)   Introduce your child to interesting ICT careers and become involved in their career awareness.

3)   Tackle the Two Myths (see below)

4)   Become a FIT advocate 

5)   Tell us about Co-ops or Internships for students

1) Understand the importance of ICT in your child’s future and suggest programs like FIT.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are widely being adopted across every industry in Canada. From healthcare to energy, from manufacturing to agriculture, our need for a highly skilled ICT-workforce is increasing and our education system must reflect this need. The Focus on Information Technology (FIT) program was developed in response to this demand and focuses students’ learning on skills that are considered valuable within the 21st century workplace – ICT skills. Our overarching goal is to help Canadian students understand the importance of ICT in the job market and within their daily lives, while encouraging them to continue on to post-secondary institutions.

2)   Introduce your child to interesting ICT careers and become involved in their career awareness. 

FIT offers career awareness resources that can be found under YOUR FUTURE section of our focusit.ca website. Introduce your child to exciting ICT careers with our Job Profiles section or find out the latest ICT-programs in college and university with our College & University Search. You can also teach your child how to write a resume, cover letter, and apply for college or university. Do you tweet? We do. Follow us on twitter @FOCUSITca for the latest ICT-career news, internships/co-ops, contests, and scholarships.

3) Tackling the Two Myths.

1) Peers and ICT:

Students are often miss-informed by their peers about careers in ICT. Their opinion of ICT careers are often negative and convey ICT as a ‘nerdy’ or ‘boring’ career path. Youth are often unaware that some of the ‘coolest’ jobs out there are actually ICT based careers. Photographers, graphic designers, apps developers, iPhone developers, software engineers etc. are all ICT related jobs (that pay well).

2) Parents and ICT:

Some parents may have a skewed opinion about ICT-related careers based on knowledge that is decades old. They can remember all the past tech booms and busts, which, leads to an unfavorable view of ICT career paths. Careful research using statistics and longitudinal studies by ICTC has shown that there are more opportunities in the ICT sector than can be met by today’s graduates. Simply put, we do not have enough students selecting ICT as a career choice to meet Canada’s current needs. Outlook 2011-2016a forecasting report by ICTC, points out we will need even more qualified applicants in the near future.

Parents and peers make up the two main influential groups for Canadian youth. You can help your child today by encouraging them to participate in ICT and the FIT program. By doing so, you are empowering your child with the skills and knowledge they will need for their future career and personal success. Together, Parents and FIT can make a difference in the lives of our Canadian youth and help produce an innovative, high-skilled and employable nation.

4)   Tell us about Co-ops or Internships for students

At ICTC we encourage all of our partners, industry affiliates, educators and friends to forward on information regarding internships and co-ops that our FIT students may be interested in. The FIT program encourages our students to partake in such extra-curricular actives but knowing about these opportunities means we need your help! If your workplace is ICT related and has an internship, co-op or work-placement program, please contact us at:  fit@ictc-ctic.ca 

5) Become a FIT Advocate.

Help spread the word about the FIT program by forwarding on FIT handouts to potential FIT students and parents: 

Student Brochure
Explains to students the financial value of ICT 
careers by highlighting the financial security
they offer and introduces teens to ICT-careers.

FIT Overview Handout (one page)
A quick overview of the Focus 
on Information Technology program

FIT & 21st Century Learning
Provides an in-depth view of FIT
program and discusses the importance
of 21st century learning.

ICTC Overview
A one page overview about the
Information and Communications
Technology council (ICTC).