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What We Offer

What We Offer FIT Students

1) 21st Century Learning Environment

FIT offers students an opportunity to be a part of a greater 21st century learning environment. What is a 21st century learning environment? 
These are school environments that facilitate learning through educational technologies. Students are further taught to apply these technologies to analyze information and data structures, collaborate with classmates, make informed decisions, gain awareness and flexibility in new situations, while being creative and innovative. The overarching goal of 21st century learning is to improve the learning outcomes (knowledge and skills) gained by students. FIT offers students a prescribed pathway of courses that are based on 21st century learning principles. Your child will not only have gained essential skills in business, technology, and communications but they will have done so within a 21st learning environment. 


2) FIT Certificates

FIT is pleased to offer our students five unique FIT-Certificates. Each certificate demonstrates the achievements, hard work, and skillset a student has achieved during their educational journey with FIT. Certificates are valuable for students who are applying to college or university, building a resume or portfolio, and for those who are breaking into the workforce. FIT certificates are designed to showcase ‘real-world’ skills that are applicable to your child’s future success.


FIT Certificate with Concentration:  Achievement of all FIT standards and competencies for a single concentration.

FIT Certificate with Experience: Completion of a FIT certificate, plus a co-op or internship credit in an IT-related field.

FIT Certificate with Industry: Completion of a FIT certificate, plus one or more IT-related industry certifications. For more information on industry certification and its value, visit our industry certification section.

FIT Certificate with Industry & Experience: Completion of a FIT certificate, plus a co-op or internship credit in an IT-related field and one or more IT-related industry certification.

FIT Plus Certificate: Completion of a FIT certificate, plus a co-op or internship credit in an IT-related field and two or more IT-related industry certifications.

3) FIT Concentrations

FIT offers students four areas of concentration: Interactive Media; Business & Information Analysis; Software Design & Development; and Network & System Operations. The concentrations were designed to introduce students to the basic work and digital literacy skills needed to succeed in each designated concentration and offer a clear pathway for future study in post-secondary.


Interactive Media: develops student ability to work in the rapidly growing online world including: web design and development; social and mobile media; interactive games; and e-commerce. This concentration helps students synthesize business, technology, and artistic skills to address the important opportunities organizations are facing in the online world.

Software Design and Development: helps students deepen their technology skills, especially in the areas of solution design, integration, programming and database development. This concentration focuses on guiding students to use their technical competencies to develop applications and systems to help solve real world problems.

Network and Systems Operations: helps students develop their skills in running the technical and communications platforms that are central to the operations of most organizations. This concentration focuses on guiding students to operate mission-critical hardware and software, solve real time problems and develop solutions to connect customers, employees, suppliers and other to an organization’s products and services.

Business and Information Analysis: helps students develop competencies to work as a business, systems or information analyst or architect. This concentration focuses on helping students to combine enhanced business competencies with technical skills to analyze business needs and problems and propose solutions that incorporate technology effectively.

4) FIT Reach-Ahead Opportunities

In conjunction with our post-secondary academic partners, FIT is able to offer students unique workshops and fieldtrips called, ‘Reach-Ahead’ opportunities. Reach-Ahead opportunities are hosted within post-secondary institutions and invite both students and teachers to partake in a variety of activities throughout the day that highlight ICT learning and career awareness. Students are exposed to hands-on learning, group lessons, and ICT related talks that increase awareness of post-secondary programs and allow for reflection upon their current academic goals.

Example: Workshop Descriptions from a Reach-Ahead Opportunity
Note:  that the first three workshops will run three times at 10AM, 11AM and 1PM. Workshop (4) will be offered only once at 1PM. All workshops are hands-on.


(1)  Computer Networking (Room A4088) – this workshop will introduce participants to the main characteristics of computer networks, including network security and remote terminal access.

(2)  Instrumentation (Room A4070) – a variety of instruments commonly used in Electronics measurement and characterization will be combined through a computer interface to enable measurement and remote interaction.

(3)  Visual Programming and Control (Room B1028) – participants will use a Visual Basic programming IDE to allow computerized control of temperature in a small environmental chamber.

(4)  Computer Hardware (Room A4060) – participants will obtain practical insight into the components that make up a modern computer, learning to identify key features and investigating the function of various common parts inside the computer.

(5)  Media and Design (RoomA4145) – participants will participate in a newscast using a green screen.


5) FIT-Community and Resources

Connectivity is important to the FIT program and ICTC. This is why we created the www.Focusit.ca website and our Teacher’s Portal! Now FIT peers and teachers are able to share work, ideas, ask questions and get answers, while staying connected through FIT’s various online and social media outlets. Students can upload their latest videos, stayed informed with Twitter, enter contests, learn about co-ops and internships via Facebook, and once they’ve graduated, they can sign-up to FIT’s very own alumni LinkedIn page for all the latest tips on job hunting, university applications and career development.


FIT is dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for their future and has also created online resources for career development. The ‘Your Future’ section of the focusit.ca website has tons of useful tools and advice for students interested in ICT careers.


Have any ideas for the FIT website? We view our website as an open conversation – if you’re interested in contributing to our site and community, let us know! We love to hear from parents just like you! You can contact us at: fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca