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FIT Partnerships


The FIT program’s success is reliant on our diversified partners. Our program routinely seeks new partnerships and avenues that will allow for the advancement and growth of the FIT program. Currently, we are searching for the following program partners that will help us succeed in expanding the FIT program and building upon ICTC’s Youth Initiatives.


Our National Partners believe in corporate guidance and participating in opportunities that will boost Canada’s competitiveness, innovation and future economy. They are thought leaders who understand the benefits of investing in programs and strategies that will strengthen their position on a national and international scale. They are socially responsible partners who promote youth initiatives and under­stand the role education plays in developing a nation and creating a strong workforce. They know that together, we can build a stronger Canadian economy.


Our Program Partners awareness of the changes’ happening within our economy, on a national level and global scale, encourages them to take part in programs that will shape tomorrow’s Canada. They see innovation as essential to a strong economy and understand the role education plays in growth and development. They are visionaries and advocates for the advancement of Canada within our future digital economy and see the benefit of an alliance between education and industry. Through the promo­tion of FIT, our Program Partners are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future economic landscape of Canada.


Our Regional Partners are active members within their community, who see the importance of promoting youth initiatives. They are dedicated to community development, building strong regional networks and also see the need to ensure their region’s place within the future digital economy. Through participation, networking and the promotion of the FIT program, our regional partners are socially responsible mem­bers of their community and understand that through education, they can empower their youth.


Through leadership and industry awareness our Association Partners provide information and pathways to our FIT students and program. Our partners are able to engage the student demographic through lit­erature, resources and career awareness. They understand that through learning and training our youth can become active members in our future workforce. By becoming an Associate Partner of FIT you are playing an active role in shaping the future Canadian economy.


Educational Partners are key to the success of the FIT program and to the overall empowerment of Canadian youth. They understand that through learning they can create a highly-skilled, innovative and employable nation. Through the sharing of information, resources and the integration of advanced curriculum programs, our Educational Partners know they are impacting our nation now and in future generations to come.


To learn more partnerships with FIT and the available range of ICTC services please contact us at:  fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca