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is a centre of expertise in Digital Economy research, labour market intelligence, policy development, program management and delivery. Through our strong network of industry, academia and government, we enable the progress of Canada’s future economies by empowering industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market through a highly-skilled and innovative workforce.

Research and Policy Development

ICTC offers the most comprehensive and rigorous
digital economy data analysis and research
infrastructure in Canada. Our research investigates enabling technologies and their impact on workforce requirements and trends as well as their overall impact on Canada’s digital economy. ICTC’s labour market research informs competitive human resource strategy planning and decision-making, career development in ICT occupations as well as providing deeper insights into the historical, current and future labour market issues and trends of the ICT sector (and subsectors) in Canada.ICTC goes far beyond the traditional technology industries and researches sectors within the overall economy where ICT workers, products and services are emerging rapidly as drivers of the new digital economy.


Through nationally recognized occupational standards ICTC is defining emerging occupations and developing the standard definitions and competencies required to perform them. ICTC standards and competencies provide the foundation for innovative tools, resources, and a recognition system to meet the skill needs of the employers. ICTC’s Standards tools and resources assist employers in creating effective HR strategies,  educators in designing curriculum and training that meet industry needs, and ICT employees in developing career pathways. ICTC developed I-ADVANCE™, an industry-wide recognition program designed to validate and assess the technical knowledge, industry experience, business and interpersonal skills of ICT professionals. In addition, ICTC has recently released e-Health Occupational Profiles and is currently developing the occupational profiles for Digital Media.

Talent Programs
As the leader in emerging technology and occupation
research and forecasts, ICTC is at the forefront of understanding and developing workforce solutions that
support Canadian businesses. ICTC Talent Programs
provide the right talent with the right skills needed
for industry to drive innovation and productivity in
an increasingly competitive global marketplace. In
order to ensure Canada is able to meet the demand
of immediate and future ICT labour needs, ICTC
considers all labour market sources including domestic
and international supply. Our Talent Programs provide
unique and targeted solutions for recruiting, retaining
and integrating women, Aboriginal Peoples, youth and
internationally educated professionals into Canada’s
Digital Economy.

Immigration Initiatives:

ICTC is paving the way towards integrating
internationally educated professionals (IEPs) into the
Canadian ICT sector. ICTC, in partnership with industry
and community agencies has mitigated risk through
the development and implementation of integration
programs for IEPs. These programs provide assessment,
skills development and work practicum opportunities
that address workplace language and communications,
workplace culture, soft and business skills requirements
demanded by the ICT sector in Canada.

Youth Initiatives:

ICTC influences partnerships and collaboration between education, industry and government to raise the awareness of ICT careers and opportunities among high school students through our youth talent program – Focus on IT (FIT). FIT provides the necessary building blocks for an innovative learning experience and encourages students to acquire 21st century skills in business, technology and communications while completing their secondary diploma.

To learn more partnerships with FIT and the available range of ICTC services please contact Sandra Saric at:  s.saric@ictc-ctic.ca, 613-237-8551 
OR visit our parent site: www. ictc-ctic.ca