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Become a FIT Partner

The Value of a FIT Partnership

Through education, curriculum and industry involvement, the Focus on Information Technology program (FIT) is empowering youth by providing them with the skills needed to excel in our digital economy. As the global demand increases for skilled IT workers, our youth lack the training and hands on learning that will allow them to successfully transition into the competitive workforce.

With the FIT program, we are helping shape the Canadian economy by encouraging students to discover a career in information technology. A partnership with FIT means you can play an active role in bridging the gap between youth and employment, while encouraging Canada’s place in the 21st century.

Reach Tomorrow’s Workforce, Today.

Currently FIT is found in over 100 schools nationwide and reaches students learning in both French and English. Our recognized certificate program was built upon industry standards and advanced educational learning out­comes; therefore, ensuring our graduates are advanced, highly-skilled and industry ready workers. With a FIT partnership you can reach tomorrows’ workforce today, gain access to the youth market and make an impact on Canada’s future development. 

FIT’s Value to Industry

FIT is a program designed to engage high school students in more extensive learning about incorporating business skills and information and communications technology. It is a joint venture between the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Canadian educators, and industries using ICT workers within a community. Here’s why you should contribute to the FIT program:


1) Today’s Students are your Future WorkforceFIT Co-op Student

These are the students in your community – those who have the highest probability of return­ing to the ICT industry after post-secondary education, becoming your future workforce.


2) Exposure for your Company or Brand

The FIT program offers companies and brands the opportunity to gain access to a unique market-students and their parents. FIT connects busi­nesses to our FIT community through co-branding exposure that can be seen on our FIT materials, resources, online campaigns, and events.


3) University is too late

There are not enough ICT workers in Canada and the number of university and college gradu­ates in ICT is declining every year. Students make decisions about their majors while still in high-school; that is the time to ignite their enthusiasm for a career in ICT.


4) Network with local officials and other business

A joint endeavor of this nature is the best way to network with other employers and local officials. Gain insight and network as a FIT-Industry partner.


5) Become Socially Responsible with a ROI (return on investment)

Become a great corporate citizen and lend your time to an organization who will showcase your hard work within your community. Gain a PR advantage through your commitment to youth initiatives.

6) Opportunity to promote ICT Careers

Technology and business teachers need help understanding the breadth of ICT careers and the skills that are essential to your business and their student’s future. Only industry can provide these insights that can help foster change in our education system.

7) Your Voice in Education 

Become part of the conversation surrounding youth and education; with a FIT partnership you gain a voice in shaping the future


To learn more partnerships with FIT and the available range of ICTC services please contact us at:  fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca, 613-237-8551
FIT Materials

Share our outreach materials and handouts; spread the word about the Focus on Information Technology Program and ICT.

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