Welcome Students

Looking for some information on the FIT program or just browsing to see what we’ve been up to? Check out our ‘FIT Student Community‘ for the latest on our student life or visit The FIT Program‘ page to get up to speed on FIT  -  and Welcome!

The FIT Program

Discover what the Focus on Information Technology (FIT) program is all about – Check out our comprehensive program guide and find out how YOU can become the next FIT student.

Student Community

The FIT program is not just a learning experience but a chance to be a part of a Canada-wide community. Check out the latest in photos, video, and news from across the nation.

Girls and ICT

Think you’re not technically-inclined? Think again. More and more girls are becoming tech-savvy and we want to prove it to you!

Industry Certification

Want to look good to employers and further your career options? Learn about how FIT can help you get industry certified.