FIT Certificates

Why should I get a FIT-certificate? FIT Student with Certificate

Did you know that universities, colleges, and hiring managers look for extra-curricular activities when selecting future students or employees? Yes that’s right; a simple certificate can set you apart from your competition. So what makes certificates so valuable? Focus on Information Technology (FIT) certificates, and other designations, showcase your strong work ethic, highlight your skills, and indicate to others that you are a career oriented individual. By attaining one of FIT’s five certificates you can improve your chances of university or college acceptance, or better yet, improve your chances of getting a job – so why not get one today? Check out below for more information about each of our five FIT certificates.

We offer our student five unique FIT Certificates:

1) FIT Certificate:
The FIT Certificate is the standard FIT certificate that is awarded to students who meet the general FIT requirements and have passed the courses in the concentration of their choosing.
(Please note: each pathway is unique to each province and educational institution)

2) FIT Certificate – Work Experience Seal:
The FIT Certificate with a Gold Seal indicates a student has achieved the standard FIT Certificate and has also completed a work experience or co-operative education course. View our Work Experience & Co-op Section for more information on the value in off-campus work experience.

3) FIT Certificate – Industry Seal:
The standard (see no. 1) FIT Certificate with a Gold Seal indicates student achievement of an industry certification such as: Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, CompTIA certifications.

4) FIT Certificate – Gold Seal & Industry:
The standard FIT Certificate with both Industry and Work Experience seals.

5) FIT Certificate – Plus+:
In order to achieve the esteemed FIT Certificate – Plus+, students must complete the general FIT Certificate qualifications, provincial work experience/co-op hours, and have passed two or more industry certifications.

Example FIT Gold Seal:


 Example FIT certificate: 

Sample FIT Certificate