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Women in ICT

Michon Williams

Women Job Profiles
Job: ‘Senior Manager, Enterprise Architecture, IT Accessibility and IT Usability -RBC’

“I got my start as an intern in high school at RBC.”

Madeline Ell

Women Job Profiles
Job: ‘Video Strategist/Producer’

“The more areas you’re versed in, the better leader it makes you.”


Shira Weinburg

Women Job Profiles
Job: ‘Program Manager, Microsoft R&D – Isreal ‘

“Follow you dreams and passions, don’t be afraid to do what you really want to.”

Naomi Black

Women Job Profiles
Job: ‘Engineering Manager, Accessibility’

“Do one thing every day that scares you”
  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Anastasia Goodstein

Job: ‘Chief Program Officer, Crisis Text Line’

“Using technology to save lives is the furthest thing from boring I can imagine”

Danielle Restivo

Job: ‘Manager, Corporate Communications, Brazil and Canada – LinkedIn’

“I saw LinkedIn as a fantastic challenge for the next step of my career.”

Elinor Axelrod

Job: ‘Program Manager, Microsoft’

Working in IT means adopting new technology at a pace not found in any other industry.”

Ivo Lukas

ivolukas_frontpage Job: CEO/Founder/COO & Director of Global Mentorship Programs
Employer:24Notion/Girls in Tech

“We need to keep innovating and then executing simultaneously — we always need to be ahead of the curve and plugged in.”

Emily Eckland

Women Job Profiles
Job: ‘Managing Editor of Digital Media – National Cyber Security Alliance’

“Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.”