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What is FIT?

ocus on Information Technology (FIT) is a nationally recognized certificate program designed for Canadian students interested in gaining real-world skills during their secondary school education. Created by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), FIT is an innovative program that allows students like YOU to gain essential ICT and business skills while completing their diploma.

Developed alongside top educational and industry professionals, FIT merges real-world skills into your curriculum and provides an easy pathway of courses for you to take. Upon graduation you will have gained the knowledge and skills that are demanded in our current Canadian workforce.

Why become a FIT student?

Every professional can benefit from gaining skills in ICT – just think of how writers publish their work online or how health professionals use software to track their patients. Jobs are increasingly becoming dependent on technology and learning these skills now will increase your chances of a successful career.

FIT’s unique course pathways allow you to explore the many facets of ICT. Did you know you could specialize in one of our four concentrations? Gain work experience with co-ops? Qualify to write industry certified exams? Gain advanced standing in select universities and colleges? With FIT, you can jumpstart your career and education simply by taking our prescribed pathway of courses.

How do I get FIT?

First off, you have to be enrolled in an official FIT school. If you’re not sure if your school offers the FIT program you can check out our FIND YOUR FIT section of the website and simply enter your postal code into our search. If your school does not appear, chat with your school’s academic advisor and find out your options for attending a FIT school.

If your school does offer the FIT program, all you have to do is enroll in one of our many FIT approved courses and you are automatically registered as a FIT student. Each of our FIT schools had a Lead FIT Teacher that can help advise you on the FIT program. It is recommended that you talk with an academic adviser or one of our Lead FIT Teachers prior to beginning the FIT program; they can also confirm your registration in the program.

FIT Concentrations:

We at are pleased to offer our students four unique concentrations: Interactive Media; Network Systems and Operations; Software Design & Development; and Business & Information Analysis. Our concentrations allow for student flexibility with course selection and give you (the student) an opportunity to study what you’re really interested in. Whether you want to be a designer, programmer, own a start-up, or become a security specialist, our concentrations create a pathway for students (like you) from high school to college or university.

Interactive Media:

Interactive Media includes web design and development, social and mobile media, interactive games and e-commerce. Blend business, technology and leadership skills to address exciting opportunities in the workplace.

Job Examples: Animator; Digital Media Specialist; Online Media Specialist; Graphic Designer

Software Design and Development:

Software Design and Development includes solution design, integration, programming and database development. Use your technical competencies to develop applications and systems to solve real-world problems.

Job Examples: Programmer Analyst; Programmer; Enterprise Mobile Developer; SAAS Programmer

Business and Information Analysis:

Business and Information Analysis includes business and information analysis or systems architecture. Use your technical and business skills to analyze and respond to business needs and recommend affordable ICT solutions.

Job Examples: Chief Information Officer; Business Analyst; Project Leader; Business Intelligence Architect; eMarketing Analyst  

Network Systems and Operations:

Network Systems and Operations includes technical and communications platform maintenance critical to the smooth operations of an organization. Use your skills to implement and maintain mission-critical hardware and software.

Job Examples: Computer Operator; Help Desk Operator; Security Specialist; Platform Specialist  

FIT Certificates:

The FIT program offers our student five unique FIT Certificates that they may work towards while completing their secondary school diploma:

FIT Certificate:
The FIT Certificate is the standard FIT certificate that is awarded to students who meet the general FIT requirements and have passed the courses in the concentration of their choosing.(Please note: each pathway is unique to each province and educational institution)

FIT Certificate – Work Experience Seal:

The FIT Certificate with a Gold Seal indicates a student has achieved the standard FIT Certificate and has also completed a work experience or co-operative education course. View our Work Experience & Co-op Section for more information on off-campus work experience.

FIT Certificate – Industry Seal:
The standard (see no. 1) FIT Certificate with a Gold Seal indicates student achievement of an industry certification such as: Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, CompTIA certifications.

FIT Certificate – Gold Seal & Industry:

The standard FIT Certificate with both Industry and Work Experience seals.

FIT Certificate – Plus+:
In order to achieve the esteemed FIT Certificate – Plus+, students must complete the general FIT Certificate qualifications, provincial work experience/co-op hours, and have passed two or more industry certifications.

Example FIT Gold Seal: