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How You Can Connect


How you can connect to the FIT Community


How to Connect

There are many ways you can connect and enjoy being part of our FIT teacher and student community. This page is dedicating to showing you how to get involved as an educator and how to maximize your impact on youth, in and outside the FIT program.

We at Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) have developed the FIT Community to advocate the importance of ICT in education and want to bring together like-minded individuals who are making a difference in education (#edutech) across Canada.  We have compiled all the ways for you to connect currently as a FIT teacher but are continuously seeking new and innovative ways to engage with our FIT Community. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or just want to say hi, please contact us at:

fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca  -You’ll be happy you did!

1 Teacher Resource Sharing


We are excited to announce that teachers across Canada can upload and download teacher resources in the teacher portal! What does this mean? It means that you can download lesson plans, materials, videos, slideshows etc. in order to enhance your classroom experience.

This also means that we are looking for some great content from teachers like you! You can upload any ICT related resources and share them with the FIT community.

Can’t wait to share? You can send us your resources by contacting us at: fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca subject line, ‘FIT Teacher Resources;’ we will credit your work.

2 Student Stories

We love hearing about what are students are up to in and outside of the classroom. Do you have a student that recently created an App? Or came first place in a competition? Maybe you have a student that volunteers frequently? These are all stories we’d love to hear about and share with the FIT community.

So how do you go about sharing these stories? There are 3 main ways to get your student stories online.

  1. Send us any media coverage your student or class may have had.
  2. Use our, ‘Share your story’ tool for written testimonials.
  3. Send us a sound bite of the story at: fit-media@ictc-ctic.ca

FIT Student volunteers

3 We need Student and Teacher Online Journalists

FIT encourages our students and teachers to participate with the FocusIT.ca website and become digital journalists. Did you know that your students can profile you in our Teacher Profile section? We encourage you and your students to engage with our site by becoming a part of it; not only do you get your voice heard but your students can build their resumes and portfolios.


Here’s where we are looking for submissions:


1) Teacher Profiles

2)   Women/Men ICT Profiles


4 Become a FIT Advocate

Share the FIT program with like-minded teachers and future FIT students! We’re passionate about ICT in education and we bet you are too; share our FIT materials today and together we can grow the FIT community.

5 Provide Student Work Experience Opportunities 

Learn how you can connect with local employers to engage your students in off-campus work experiences. Did you know by providing such experiences you are advancing your students career potential. Discover how easy it is with FIT’s: Student Work Placements