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Preparing Students for the Workfoce

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Why Prepare Youth?

Skilled Industry Worker

Through the FIT program and with industry partners, ICTC encourages youth and educators to participate and facilitate, respectively, in work placement and co-ops experiences. These off-campus activities promote hands-on learning and skills development, therefore, proving youth participation to be enriching and positive.

Prior to experiencing such off-campus activities, an educator must ensure their students are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the workforce and that they are accompanied with the knowledge that is required for their safety and well-being.

Often, youth have not been coached appropriately in workplace culture and their education in workplace safety is limited, proving their introduction to the workforce to be challenging and sometimes fatal. FIT, along with ICTC, encourages and promotes workplace safety and have compiled relevant resources for educators to use and disperse to youth and parents.

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Online Resources

Northern Safety Network: http://www.yukonsafety.com/

WorkSafe BC: http://www.worksafebc.com/

Northwest Territories and Nunavut – Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission: http://www.wcb.nt.ca/

Human Service Alberta: http://humanservices.alberta.ca/

Government of Saskatchewan – Labour Relations and Workplace Safety: http://www.lrws.gov.sk.ca/

Safe Work Manitoba: http://www.safemanitoba.com/

Ministry of Labour – Young Workers Ontario: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/atwork/youngworkers.php

CSST Quebec – Youth http://www.csst.qc.ca/en/youth/Pages/young_people_work.aspx

Newfoundland Labrador – Youth Program & Services http://youth.gov.nl.ca/

Work Safe – New Brunswick: http://www.worksafenb.ca

Worker Compensation Board of PEI: http://www.wcb.pe.ca/Workplace/YoungWorkers

Labour and Advanced Education – Nova Scotia http://www.gov.ns.ca/lae/