FOCUS Youth Advisory Board

Group of FOCUS YAB Students
Are you passionate about technology?

Canada’s technology sector is growing fast, but are we as youth taking advantage of the increasing opportunities? Are Canadians creating the next leaders in technology or are we falling behind?

If you’re passionate about all things technology and want your voice heard, join the FOCUS YAB and have your say on important issues like employment, education, and policy.

What is the FOCUS YAB?

The Focus Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is an advocacy group created to give voice to youth (ages 18-24) on concerns central to their education, careers, and future employment. Developed by the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada (ICTC), the FOCUS YAB empowers youth by providing leadership opportunities and ensuring their input, creativity, and concerns are heard throughout government, education, and industry.

By creating a platform for youth advocacy, the FOCUS YAB can improve upon national youth initiatives, impact policy and programs, increase ICT learning in schools, and mobilize change for a more innovative and globally competitive Canada. Learn about our current Focus Youth Advisory Board members, click HERE.

Benefits of joining FOCUS YAB:

  • A voice on youth employment and ICT education
  • An opportunity to research, provide solutions, and affect positive change for Canadian youth
  • Leadership opportunities and access to conferences, forums and publications that will allow you to engage with Canadian industry and government leaders
  • Share your views online through various Focus on IT and ICTC publications, including social media outlets
  • In-depth learning about the business of technology and related government policy
  • Your contribution may count towards required hours of community involvement for your provincial diploma or post-secondary program (check your institution)
  • A Letter of Reference from the Information and Communications Technology Council
  • Recognition as a member of ICTC’s YAB on our website

Members will gain skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Business development
  • Team building
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Networking
  • Communications

Responsibilities of FOCUS YAB include:

  • 4 hours of volunteer time per month during active months for one year term (September – June 30th)
  • 4 virtual video meetings per year
  • Monthly check-ins with ICTC staff conducted over VoIP, Skype, or by phone
  • Provide direction on youth issues
  • Writing and content development: may be asked to write pieces for online publication regarding FOCUS YAB activities
  • Participating in FOCUS YAB conference, forums, or meetings
  • Volunteer at local events organized by ICTC or partner associations
  • Provide feedback on youth campaigns and programs

Contact Information:

116 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0C2

Phone: 613-237-8551
Twitter: @FOCUSITca

For general inquiries email:
For more information about ICTC, visit: