Focus YAB

2013-2014 Members

The Focus Youth Advisory Board is a group of students from across Canada who act as an advisory committee to the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). All members are committed participants who see value in ICTC’s youth initiatives and are looking to gain valuable experience as advocates for youth in the ICT sector. This year’s cross-selection of youth includes great innovators and communicators, who all will be tackling this year’s theme of Education to Employment.


Renee Photo
Renee Chau

Age: 23

School: Simon Fraser University

Hometown: Burnaby, British Columbia

Rasna Sherchan rasna

Age: 23

School: University of Waterloo

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Eric Zhou Eric Zhou Headshot

Age: 23

School: Carleton University

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Tiffany Beausoleil Tiffany Headshot

Age: 22

School: University of Calgary

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Patricia Matibag Patricia Matibag Headshot

Age: 19

School: University of Ottawa

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Ben TanBen Headshot_Focus_1

Age: 25

School: Simon Fraser University

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia