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Creating a virtual resume or portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills to a potential employer. Like traditional resumes, you are still including your experience, education, and achievements; however, virtual resumes prove that you are aware of new trends and tools available online – making you stand out from the crowd!

Students or recent graduates are huge benefactors of online resumes due to their ability to link to relevant work and designs. This can highlight one’s ability while taking the focus away from work experience, which is often little for recent grads or students.

How to get started

Virtual portfolio

There are many resources and tools available online to help you create a virtual resume. First off, it is important that you have a traditional resume that you can build upon or extract from (Each tool online will have different requirements). Next step is to compile any relevant work you wish to share online and make sure they are saved in web-friendly file formats – .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .mp3, .mov, .avi etc.

If you are uploading videos consider using Vimeo or YouTube; this way you can use the embed code to upload it to your virtual resume page. Make sure not to use any account that is linked to your personal videos or social media; instead create a new account that only contains professional information. If you have any presentations that you wish to share consider using Slideshare; this easy tool allows you to upload your presentations and share.

Next step is selecting the platform you wish to use for displaying your content. There are free resources available and paid ones too –  but we’re only going to share with you the free ones here:




This is an excellent online portfolio tool for students or recent graduates that wish to share their learning achievements, skills, and work examples in an interactive fashion. Pathbrite’s features allow you to customize your portfolio for a more personalized touch and highlight work through image boxes. Hint: Pathbrite is gaining traction in the educational community and is one of the best (free) online tools for academic portfolios.


This free online tool can be used for posting tradition resumes online but has the added functionality to create digital portfolios for displaying work samples in audio, and video file formats. This is a great online service that allows you to share your resume with potential employers but has added security to make sure only the people you want see your resume do. Check out VisualCV’s website for more information on how you can get started.


Carbon Made

This design forward online portfolio generator is geared towards visual artists and designers. With slick features that present your work this online tool stands out amongst the rest and it’s free. For those interactive media enthusiast this is a great way to showcase your talent.