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Building websites? Digital Storytelling? Social change through digital design? Problem solving? Troubleshooting? Working on projects that really matter? Being part of a collaborative environment? Why not consider working for Agentic Digital Media in the field of web development?

In a Nutshell, Who is Agentic Digital Media?

Agentic is a web development agency that provides core website design, strategy, and transformational digital media solutions. Founded in 2000, with the dream of assisting anyone anywhere in building cause-related websites, Agentic is an artistic advocacy agency. The company specializes in creating websites in Drupal for social change organizations and believes in using digital media for good.At Agentic, “We build websites all day, every day; and we work dynamically to create positive social change online.”

What is the atmosphere like on the day-to-day? What would you see when you walk in the office doors?

You know right away that you have stumbled onto a completely different type of web development company as soon as you speak to Phillip Djwa. He is no ordinary founder, with the bottom-line weighing heavy in his mind and business model. Signing off emails with the simple, yet symbolic word, “Peace,” Phillip believes that social change can happen through digital media- a mantra that resonates through every fiber of Agentic.

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Agentic boasts a positive environment, where every member of the team is passionate about a cause. They are a small, tight-knit group who take pride in the work they do, with a collaborative atmosphere, where everyone eats lunch and brainstorms together. The team is bonded by the importance of their: “We are not selling a new cracker or a new car,” Phillip explains. “That doesn’t speak to the larger humanity that we share. There are lots of ways to engage social change. You can go down and help at local food bank, or attend a benefit concert. I decided to reflect this by helping organizations get online, in very efficient and beautiful way. We are creative technology.”

What makes them a cool place to work?

The belief that you can do something good for society by doing something that you love. Agentic is progressive, forward thinking, big picture and driven by the greater good. “It became a problem working for companies that I didn’t believe in and it made it difficult to feel like I was making a difference,” Agentic Office in Vancouver, BC Phillip notes. “So I decided to refocus the company around social change. People are coming into the job market today and want to be part of something larger than themselves. There can be a close alignment between your values, what you believe in and having your work reflect that.”

Agentic works with government, social change agencies and non-profits to make a real difference online and in the real world through helping manage an organization’s Digital Ecology. What does that mean exactly? It’s about managing a company’s online presence. Can you think of all the websites and social media sites that you’re signed up with? Have you run out of fingers? That’s a lot of information to keep track of! For businesses, Digital Ecology means managing and tracking your messaging and brand across every platform.  Phillip adds, “Companies are coming to us with not one or two websites, but ten and social media pages. This is digital ecology: managing that huge tangled web of websites, Facebook, tweets, and leveraging the strengths and weaknesses of all these different mediums.” Understanding how to improve business processes and smartly maintain all of the online pieces is what Agentic calls a Digital Ecology.

Not only is the kind of work Agentic does is important, it’s also pretty cool. Take, for example, Global Zero, an international non-profit dedicated to eliminating nuclear weapons. The company designed a Facebook game that drops you off in the center of a nuclear explosion, where you are left to alert survivors of the danger.  Agentic also worked with non-profit, The Big Wild, to create an engaging multimedia piece that would build  on a community of people who want to celebrate and protect Canadian wilderness. The result was the making of the video Drawn to the Wild.


What skills you will need?

  • Digital Storytelling:

Phillip explains the importance of being able to tell a story by saying, “We are bridging between people that have ideas and vision, and the hard-core developers. You need that ability to talk to both sides: technical and creative people, because there are nuances between them. We have also realized that storytelling has become a very powerful tool. Working on how to tell stories to motivate, to change opinions, to move people to action is important.”

  • Dealing with Ambiguity:

In the field of website development, there is not always a user manual or an easy answer. It can be trial and error. To work in development, Phillip explains the importance of embracing the unknown: “Whatever you are an expert in today, someone else will be an expert in tomorrow and you need to be willing to partner with them. I am somebody that appreciates change. I can live with ambiguity. I feel like that’s key for building websites.”

  • Creativity and Learning:

Intestinal fortitude and the willingness to keep learning are also high up on the skill sets needed for web development.   “You can never rest in terms of professional development; you have to go and go and go. It’s always something that inspires learning,” Phillip says. “What works today isn’t what is going to work tomorrow. Web development involves constant reinvention. ICT is not for the faint of heart- you have to love technology but you have to be able to live with ambiguity.”

What kind of job could you have? 

Web Designer, Web Developer, Webmaster, Web Specialist, Web Content Manager, Graphic Designer, Applications Developer, Mobile Developer, Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Multimedia ProgrammerUser Interaction Designer, User Interface Designer

Want to learn more about coops or internships with Agentic Digital Media?

If working for a social change agency like Agentic Digital Media peaks your curiosity, then visit their website to find out more info on how to get started.


Twitter: @agentic  & @phillipdjwa

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