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Are you passionate about…

Connecting people and ideas together? Making physical distance between people a limitation of the past? Getting your hands on the latest technology? Working for one of best-performing companies and top employers in Canada? Being part of an engaging multicultural environment? Jet-setting? Visiting Canada from end-to-end…. Oh Canada! Constantly learning something new? Why not consider a career with Cisco in the field of Networking?

In a Nutshell, What is Cisco?

Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by becoming the worldwide leader in networking – transforming how people live, work, play and learn: “Together we are the human network.”

What is the atmosphere like day-to-day?
What would you see when you walk in the office doors?

If you are looking to work for a company with locations almost anywhere in the world, look no further than Cisco. As the Networking Academy Manager for Canada, Wadih Zaatar has traveled to more than sixty countries. “I have even visited Canada from end-to-end,” Wadih says. His top favorite sight in Canada so far is the picturesque Lake Louise.

There is much more to Cisco than the opportunity to travel. Cisco is on the cutting edge of technology. “You get to play with the latest toys and technologies available!” Wadih raves. For this reason, an open and inquisitive mind is needed. “You should come with the expectation of learning. At Cisco, you face new challenges every day,” Wadih explains. “With many jobs, you face the same thing day-in and day-out. At Cisco, there is always something new to learn.”

Cisco offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. In fact, it has established the Early in Career Network (ECN) to mentor new hires during their first three years at Cisco. The goal is to create a diverse and inclusive environment that empowers new employees by developing their:

- understanding of Cisco’s mission, culture, and vision for the future
- network of colleagues around the world
- knowledge and skills through training and events, and
- career development through a buddy and/or mentorship program

So, if you are a go-getter looking to learn something new every day, this is the place for you!

What makes Cisco a cool place to work?

At Cisco, the belief that customers come first is an integral part of its DNA. That explains why Cisco technology solutions and innovations are driven by some of the hottest trends on the market. Cloud computing, IPv6 (technology that allows computers to communicate over a network), open network environment, video architecture, and virtualization experience infrastructure are just some of the solutions Cisco offers. For non-techies, what does that really mean? All these technologies allow us to connect and truly communicate, making distance a limitation of the past.

Why is this important? Popular theoretical physicist and scientist, Dr. Michio Kaku, describes the importance of the Cisco Human Network like this: “It means that we are going to be together as never before. Exchanging information effortlessly across space and time.” Cisco CEO John Chambers says: “Cisco’s strategy is a story based on change—the market transitions that affect our customers. Through multiple transitions, the network will evolve from the plumbing of the Internet—providing connectivity—to the platform that enables people to experience life.”

What skills will you need?

Be prepared for a challenge! Wadih sums it up in one word, “Dynamic.” Independent, energetic, dynamic, performance-driven and passionate people should apply. “This is not your typical nine-to-five, cruising towards retirement position,” Wadih explains. Cisco believes in nurturing and training its employees for a lifelong career with the company. What kind of job could you have? Look Here.

Want to learn more about coops or internships with Cisco?

You can start your journey with Cisco today through taking IT and networking courses at schools near you provided by the Cisco Networking Academy. Every year, the Networking Academy teaches over 1 million students worldwide the skills needed to design, build, manage, and secure computer networks. With more than 200 academies across Canada, the Networking Academy delivers classroom instruction, online teaching materials, interactive tools, and hands-on learning to students from every socioeconomic background, so that you can develop the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a technology-driven market.

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