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Are you passionate about…

Taking risks? Challenging yourself? Pursuing new ideas? Evolving the way millions of people do something they love? Playing video games? Oh yeah, bring it! Well, why not work for Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) in the field of interactive entertainment software?

In a Nutshell, Who is EA?

EA develops, publishes, and distributes digital interactive entertainment worldwide for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, smartphones, tablets, social networks and online. What began as a small group of people determined to “put real life in a box” has become an 9,000-people strong, worldwide organization delivering on that very dream. At EA,

“It is our creative people around the world who gather each day to unite the world through play.”


What is the atmosphere like on the day-to-day? What would you see when you walk in the office doors?

“Our halls still buzz with the same innovative spirit that the company began with 30 years ago,” says Lindsay Godson, University Relations Specialist. “We’re a leading developer, publisher and distributor of the world’s best games but still have fun creative teams that bring excitement and energy to work each day.” But don’t be fooled! It’s not easy building the world’s best digital playground. It is challenging, creative, dynamic and innovative and it is an environment filled with passionate people.

Whether plotting a course for SpyMouse on your mobile or palms sweating from clutching your controller during intense games of FIFA 13, chances are you’ve played an EA game. And if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? In an industry that’s changing every day—whether it’s through social channels, advancing technology, new audiences or unique opportunities for monetization—EA is growing every day thanks to smart business plans, strategic acquisitions.

EA Games Office

What makes them a cool place to work?

Umm, hello? Haven’t you been reading? Because it’s an innovative company with so many amazing games to its name: Mass Effect, The Sims, FIFA, NHL, Need for Speed…Do you need us to keep going? How could you not want to be part of a team that makes awesome, action-packed games? Teams collaborate to build amazing software, celebrate their successes and are constantly pushing the boundaries. EA is working with the latest technologies on the market, making it a fantastically creative and motivating place. Lindsay describes how rewarding it is to see the final product released: “It’s easy to say that the highlights of the past year have been watching our games hit the shelves or app stores and reading the awesome reviews from the players and fans.”

Beyond the video games, EA has strong values, open communication and has built a culture on teamwork. EA believes in the mantra, “We work hard and we play hard.” All studios make it a priority to plan fun events, like parties, happy hours and team events.  EA also offers discounts for health spending, game points to spend on the latest EA titles, gym memberships; some studios even have gyms and soccer fields on site! Not to mention, the flexible hours, interesting and challenging projects, and, of course, the great culture.

What skills you will need?

“Most of our new grad and co-op positions in Canada are Software Engineering roles, but we are looking for a new breed of Software Engineer,” Lindsay Godson notes. Experience and skills in any off the following would make you a hot-commodity!

• C++

• Java

• C#

• HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP

• Linux, Java Virtual Machine, JBOSS, Jetty, Tomcat

• Networking (TCP/IP, Load Balancing, Proxies, Firewalls, etc…)

• Python, BASH or Perl

• MySQL or Oracle


Not to mention that EA is also looking for individuals who are:

• Problem solvers and critical thinkers

• Able to perform under pressure

• Creative

• Passionate

• Excited about continuous learning

• Love to work hard / play hard


EA Offices, Montreal


Build your FIT skills today to work in gaming:

Architecture, Communications, Creativity, Design, Drawing, Multimedia Skills, Innovation, Planning, Production Knowledge, Project Management


What kind of job could you have? 

Game Designer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Animator, Game Developer, Programmer, User Interaction Designer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Software Designer, Technical Architect, User Interface Designer

Want to learn more about coops or internships with EA?

EA is very passionate about the recruitment of new grads and has a great global University Relations program at some of their most exciting studios.  “We have a strong co-op program that helps build next generation of talent!” Lindsay enthuses.  

EA has a dedicated University Relations team who get out on campus at all of the top North American universities to meet students and help them find an amazing career at EA.  “We have a great New Grad program that helps build a strong community for our new grads through new grad events, mentorships, guidance and career planning,” Lindsay notes.


For more information please go here: https://jobs.ea.com/students/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/URinTheGame

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=inside+ea&init=q#!/InsideEA

Website: http://www.ea.com/ca

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/InsideEA

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