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Are you passionate about…

Connecting and interacting with an Audience?
Creative problem-solving?
Social Media? Writing?
Developing Apps?
Being on a movie set …did someone say catering?
Working with the Trailer Park Boys?
Why not work for Stitch Media in the field of digital media production?


In a Nutshell, Who is Stitch Media?

Stitch Media is an award-winning digital media production company specializing in interactive multi-platform content. Stitch is recognized for interactive storytelling using innovative technology, program enhancements and cutting-edge game design that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. More than a service company, Stitch collaborates as a creative partner from concept to completion.
At Stitch Media, “We build engaging stories that inform and interact with our communities.”


What is the atmosphere like on the day-to-day? What would you see when you walk in the office doors?

With 75% of the company under the age of 30, you can expect a young, creative and energized crowd. The team holds weekly office show-and-tells that encourage employees to think outside of the box by showcasing, critiquing, and discussing something that piques their curiosity and dissecting how it connects to their work. With an open concept environment that boosts collaboration and creativity, Stitch starts off the week with a team meeting to provide project direction and a platform for brainstorming. The company’s firm belief in a 9-to-5 environment to maintain work-life balance, allows employees to problem-solve more effectively by giving them downtime to recharge their creative juices. Partner and Creative Director, Evan Jones says, “We are always running into creative problems that we need to solve and are looking for creative solutions.” 


 What makes them a cool place to work?

A typical day on the job might involve: storytelling, writing scripts or proposal, designing new software and apps, experimenting and researching the next big thing,  dreaming up fictional characters that do not exist, creating web-series like Moderation Town, and much more! With ever-changing projects that involve working with non-profits, comedians, actors, teachers and anyone else who has a story to tell and is looking for a creative way to express their message, nothing ever stays the same at Stitch Media.

You can also expect the a break from the office routine to be punctuated by attending a bunch of festivals, such as, South by Southwest Festival and the Toronto Film Festival. Not to mention, Stitch Media gets to travel across Canada to shoot documentary projects.  Recently, the team collaborated on an interactive quest for the new TV series from the actors known as the Trailer Park Boys, which called for the staff to be on the television production set. “It’s a very different job when you are standing at a table filled with cookies watching guys fire cannons at celebrities. They are rare days, but great days,” Evan notes.

It’s not all fun and games at Stitch Media; you can also work on projects that really matter. The living documentary Redress Remix, for example, was recognized by the United Nations as the best project in electronic culture and was also awarded World Summit Award for eContent and creativity. This 3-part documentary aims to stimulate national dialogue on the discrimination that took place during the Redress Movement in Canada, through interactive web animation, music and testimonial interviews.


What skills you will need?

Media training, the ability to problem-solve, technical skills and, most importantly, creativity and vision. Evan emphasizes that the skill of storytelling is of key importance at Stitch; “The core of what we do is to make a universally good story. The tools that we use to tell a good story change every day…But having someone see something that doesn’t exist; having them understand and imagine what the future will be like with this new project is important. Creating something new every day is a great way to spend your day at the office. And when you are pleasing people every day in the work that you do, it is easy to see why you would keep doing it.”


What kind of job could you have?

Art Director, Digital Media Designer, Digital Media Specialist, Film Producer, Web Designer, Web Developer
(Stitch media is also looking for technical positions).

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