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Do you have a knack for storytelling?
Do you love being creative?
You may love animation.

is an impactful career that allows you to showcase your work to an audience by creating stories using 2dimensional and 3dimensional images. Traditionally, animated scenes were created by combining a series of hand drawn images. Today, Animation has become more complex and dependent upon computer assisted techniques for creating images and narratives. Animators are responsible for creating story boards, characters, models, backgrounds and must ensure the animation flow is perfect for the audience to view. There are many forms of animation and some combine traditional forms of hand drawn animation with computer techniques. This job does require artistic skills but as the shift to digitally assisted Animation continues, many Animators are finding positions within the field that require less hand-drawn illustrations and more computer generated images.

Impact on Society:

Animators work can be seen everywhere: Films, online videos, documentaries, videogames, special effects, commercials, art installations etc… Animators can work within a specific niche or can work for a wide range of industries. With an artistic flare for storytelling, Animators can add a voice to a cause or create a more impactful message with their skillset. Animators often volunteer their services to organizations and causes that are in need of their services.

Working Lifestyle:

Animators working lifestyle ranges depending on their employment choices. Often, Animators choose to work freelance and are contracted to work on a specific projects; how much they work is dependent on how many contracts they have. Animators may also work for design firms or work for a major animation studios, like Disney or Pixar. Animators tend to work long hours but their work satisfaction is high; with team oriented tasks and a casual work atmosphere, many love this job. An Animators Salary varies and is dependent on years of experience and skillset – some entry level jobs do not pay well.

Skill Requirements:

Design, Drawing, Storytelling, Communication, Artistic Capabilities, Time Management, Listening, Critical Thinking, Passion, General Business Skills (freelance Animators)

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