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Applications Developer

Job Profile for StudentsApps for StudentsLove Apps? 

So does FIT and we’re here to tell you more about what it means to be an App Developer and why YOU should seriously consider becoming one!!!

If you’re interested in developing apps you’ll be pleased to know that an App Developer it is one of the most in-demand jobs today! As smartphones and tablets become more popular in consumer culture, the need for App Developers has become a world-wide phenomenon. Whether you’re designing an app for people to use as a game, software, or another platform for a website, your career as an App Developer involves some in-depth knowledge of programming and design. So what does an App Developer do on a day-to-day basis? First off, an App Developer must understand their clients needs or what they would like to create; functionality, user-ability, and platform (i.e. Android, Apple iPhone) all must be considered before programming begins. An App Developer must then design the app and plan out the architecture; once this has been done they can begin programming. After the app has been created an App Developer must test their product to ensure it works according to plan. After all these steps have been taken a developer may launch their app. Obviously to be an App Developer you will need some technical background but you will also need business skills in order to market yourself and your products!

Impact on Society:

Applications can affect the way we conduct our day to day tasks, just think of all the apps you know.  Do some of them help you do your homework? Can you listen to music with them? Do they help you find your nearest grocery store or gas station?  (Yes, they do)  By being an Applications Developer you directly impact society by giving them more power and choices for conducting their day to day lives.  Often App Developers will create new apps just for notoriety purposes and not for financial gain.

Working Lifestyle:

The working lifestyle of an Applications Developer varies between two types of workers: Full-time employees and professional contractors. Contractors working freelance may choose the number of jobs they are working on, leaving them in charge of their hours and time spent working.  Full-time professionals may work on a variety of projects at any given time and timeframes tend to be short, creating longer working days. The average pay for an Applications Developer truly depends on whether you are a contractor or employee; the later tends to have a lower pay scale.

Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Advance IT-Skills, Communication Skills, Business Skills, Architecture, Teamwork, Planning, Trend Forecasting 

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