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Applications Software Integrator

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Applications Software Integrators
are responsible for integrating new software applications and programs into the existing information systems of a business. As an Applications Software Integrator, you lead the process from beginning to end, starting with the planning and coordination of the project. Part of your role is analyzing the needs of the business, assessing current architecture and software use, and pinpointing the software available that would improve a business’ structure. There are many different industries that require Applications Software Integrators and each has different software available that can improve their mode of production. For example, supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence management, and human resource management etc. are all departments that need software to help run their day-to-day activities. Applications Software Integrators must understand technology, business, and industry specific needs in order to perform their role. Their role also includes training multiple employees on new software and supporting them with future needs.

Impact on Society:

Applications Software Integrators work to keep organizations current by applying new technology trends to current models. As an Application Software Integrator, you can provide an organization with a competitive edge to help them obtain their business goals. By incorporating new innovative software, an organization is able to conduct business more effectively and efficiently, thanks to Applications Software Integrators.


Working Lifestyle:

As an Applications Software Integrator, you will find yourself working in a comfortable office environment and benefit from having many opportunities for advancement, leadership, and independence. Working as part of a team, you will have the chance to collaborate with system analysts, engineers, and programmers. Applications Software Integrators enjoy high salaries and great job security.


Skill Requirements:

Software Knowledge, Creativity, Design, Innovation, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Organization, Communication, Analytical Thinking, Architecture

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