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Art Director


Art Director Job Definition

An Art Director acts as the main overseer and manager of all Artistic elements when producing various forms of media. Their skillset is required within film, television, traditional publishing and online publishing, e-marketing campaigns, advertising, photo-shoots, web design, art galleries, fashion design and many more artistic industries. An Art Director must be passionate about design and the arts but must also have an understanding of computer-assisted forms of art production. Innovative technologies have transformed every field of art creation and Art Directors must have an in-depth knowledge of how these new technologies work and can be utilized to contribute to their position.


Impact on Society:

Art Directors generally have a good-eye for design and can impact the development of any media. Think of your favorite videogame – did you know that an Art Director developed the look and feel of that game? All magazines have Art Directors that hire the photographers, graphic designers, models and work alongside the editor to ensure a consistent mood and voice is present on every page. Art Directors have a very powerful position and there work is seen within every form of media. If you have a knack for Art and like to manage people and projects, then you may have found your calling!


Working Lifestyle:

Art Directors tend to choose specific niche markets and will concentrate within that field for the duration of their career. Little overlap between markets occurs but some Art Directors will work for multiple media outlets at a time. Art Directors work in team environments, making this a very social and extroverted career; often they work for design houses and are surrounded by artistically inclined colleagues. Their job is deadline driven and may be stressful at times but most Art Directors are extremely happy people given the social aspect of their job. Art Directors must be good managers and be able to communicate within a large team. Salaries will vary depending upon employer.


Skills Required:

Design, Teamwork, Management, Creative, Innovative, Advanced IT-skills, Writing, Communication, Time Management, Networking Skills, People skills, General Business Skills

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