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Broadcast Engineer


Are you tech-inclined and would love to be part of the entertainment industry? Ever heard of a Broadcast Engineer? Broadcast Engineers are the main operators of hardware systems that are used in conjunction with television, radio, podcasts and other media channels. Broadcast Engineers make sure that systems are maintained and repaired so that all broadcast programs are played on time and meet high quality standards. Daily tasks include setting up, routinely testing broadcasting equipment, helping others with various operations, and assisting with all post-production tasks (such as audio mixing, computer editing, and technical direction). Broadcast Engineers may also be responsible for maintaining radio towers. With the shift towards all things digital, Broadcast Engineers need to be well-versed in digital television, radio and online mediums; they must have a sound knowledge of computer engineering and new information technology practices – technology is key for this position.


Impact on Society:

With communication channels being so prevalent in today’s society, people rely on the broadcast programming to deliver important information on a daily basis. Broadcast Engineers ensure information is being heard by an audience at the right time and through the correct medium – all while maintaining quality and no unscheduled interruptions. Without Broadcast Engineers behind, all newsworthy information would be stuck in the production studio instead of being broadcasted to the world.


Working Lifestyle:

Broadcast Engineers work closely with technical staff as well as producers, studio managers, and journalists. You can expect to work at a wide range of locations; in-studio settings offer a controlled environment for Broadcast Engineers to work their magic, however, they often are found working on-location, in various outdoor settings. As a Broadcast Engineer, your work environment is fast-paced, unpredictable, and often long hours are required. Night shifts and weekends are necessary in order to deliver a constant flow of news and information to your audience. As a career based in a competitive and challenging field, Broadcast Engineers reap the rewards with a high salary.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Attention to Detail, Advanced IT Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management, Teamwork, Testing, Organizational Skills


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