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Business Architect

What is Business Architecture?

Business Architecture
is a complex role that engages technology with business structures and models. What does this mean exactly? A Business Architect analyses a company’s way of doing business and suggests new ways for it to run more effectively and efficiently; this usually requires changing the IT architecture of a business. In order to excel as a Business Architect one must have a solid technical background and an in-depth business perspective. Key models of business structures are often applied with Business Architecture, therefore, this position requires an educational background in business studies with an understanding of new business technologies. Some key concepts of Business Architecture include, business functional modeling, service life-cycle modeling, business event modeling, value chain analysis, and performance management practices. (All things that you can learn by studying business)

Impact on Society:

Business Architects play a major role in the direction of a company. They are influential business leaders and are among some of the top visionaries. Generally, Business Architects are experienced professionals who have developed a strong knowledge for business processes and business technologies. Their leadership and guidance is respected and they can impact the success of a company immensely.

Working Lifestyle: 

A Business Architect is a career driven individual who can manage being placed within a position of power and authority. This multitasking role demands long hours and dedication to an organization’s goals. Often this role is filled by an experienced professional and their pay demonstrates the importance of this position to a company. Check out the average salary range of a Business Architect, it’s inspiring!

Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT-Skills, Advance Business Knowledge, Management, Analytical Skills, Communication, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Planning, Financial Management, Relationship Building, Research, Trend Awareness, Strategic Thinking

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