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Do you possess strong organizational skills and love problem solving?

ould you like a job that is highly rewarding, both financially and professionally? Business Intelligence Architects are among the leading minds in business and information management. Business intelligence (BI) is knowledge and information that is relevant to a company and organization; Business Intelligence Architects organize this data and analyze it so that a company may plan better solutions and strategies for their success.  Their role includes evaluating a companies BI, organizing this information into databases, and assessing the technical requirements for future storage of data and the analytical tools for future reports and business strategies. This role requires technical knowledge, a business background, and analytical skills. Often Business Intelligence Architects work at the executive level and their knowledge is considered essential for a company’s future strategy, workflow, and overall organization. Security of BI is also a concern for Business Intelligence Architects and understanding how systems operate is essential for security purposes and overall architecture. While this role may seem complex and challenging it offers monetary perks and job security – this position is in high demand across all industries.


Impact on Society:

Business Intelligence Architects offer solutions to companies, whether small or large, that are timely and important for a business’ success. They often are up-to-date with technical and business trends that prove to be useful and positive for any company to implement. As a Business Intelligence Architect people want to hear what you have to say; your thoughts and suggestions are often put into action and you will feel rewarded at the end of the day. If you like giving instruction to large groups of people and enjoy a good challenge, this role is for you.

Working Lifestyle:

Business Intelligence Architects can work independently as a consultant or work for a large company or corporation. Pending on your employer, you will work typical business hours but may be expected to work overtime when needed. As a Business Intelligence Architect, teamwork and communication skills are essential to your role, since you will be speaking and collaborating with various IT and business professionals on a regular basis. Business Intelligence Architects receive a very high annual income.


Skill Requirements:

Architecture, Analytical Thinking, Planning, Software Knowledge, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Communication, Organizational Skills, Design

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