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CAD Operator

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Operators enjoy a career that includes design, drawing, planning, computers, and an end product they can see. They produce the blueprints used in architecture, landscaping, mechanical engineering, lighting design, and many other fields. With their knowledge of computer software, they are able to create 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional plans that are used in construction and production. So what do CAD Operators do? They take rough designs created by an engineer, designer, or architect and finesse them using software (i.e. AutoCAD, AutoSketch). This creates 2D and 3D prints that replicate a designs curves, angles, frames, and overall structure making the production, construction, and/or manufacturing an easier task. Usually CAD Operators specialize in a field allowing them to know the codes and requirements for that specific job; architectural CAD operators need to understand building construction in order to create documents that are user-friendly and ready for the construction site. Often these plans are used to gain building permits and cost-estimates, making an already important job, more crucial.


Impact on Society:

You can’t just build something without solid plans and guidelines to follow. CAD Operators can produce designs extremely quickly and affordably, helping businesses achieve goals faster. CAD Operators make sure that design plans are perfected and finalized before the building process begins. A CAD Operator’s 3D designs help create a lasting impact during presentations and meetings. These designs also help builders since they can literally see the end product in its entirety.


Working Lifestyle:

CAD Operators collaborate with architects, engineers, and designers on a daily basis; communication and teamwork is very important when transforming sketches into computerized drawings. As a CAD Operator, you can expect to work in an office environment for 8 hours a day with the possibility of overtime. CAD Operators can also work from home if they are independent contractors. CAD Operators are paid a fair salary, depending on their field of expertise.


Skill Requirements:

Software Knowledge, Communication, Architecture, Attention to Detail, Design, Drawing, Teamwork

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