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A Chief Information Officer (CIO)
is a high-ranking executive in charge of all information technology operations that work to support the goals of a business. Usually reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the CIO is responsible for overseeing all technology use within an organization, developing effective business models, and leading any IT-related initiatives that require extensive knowledge in business and IT. CIOs possess a variety of skills such as computer science, software engineering, business, and communications. As a CIO, you are in charge of spearheading new projects and developing innovative approaches that help reshape a business’ infrastructure and strategy. CIOs incorporate information technology into all business plans to make an organization stronger and more effective.


Impact on Society:

By having a combination of technical and business skills, CIOs provide a necessary link between executive members and IT staff. Communication between these two areas is important since technology plays an important role in today’s business planning and strategy. CIOs are innovative members of an organization and can help a business succeed in a competitive marketplace with utilizing new technologies in business. As technology becomes more and more important in our society, the role of the CIO will become a fixture amongst high-ranking companies.


Working Lifestyle:

Although CIOs work at an executive level, and have many employees helping them on a day-to-day basis, they are expected to remain on-call at all times. Working late, on weekends and frequent travel is part of a CIOs life. In order to be a CIO you must be able to express your thoughts and communicate effectively, since part of your role includes meetings, seminars, conferences, and presentations. CIOs are tech-savvy individuals who understand the latest technology trends and know how to apply these to an already existing business. Although this job is of great responsibility and can be (is) stressful at times, it pays extremely well.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Communication, Decision Making, Initiative, Innovation, Leadership, Planning, Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Trend Awareness

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