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Computer Operator

Computer Operator Computer Operators are problem solving, tech-savvy, independent workers, whose duty is to monitor and control both central and peripheral computer systems.  They are required within small to large organizations and oversee all computer systems, internal technical issues, and any potential external client issues.  Often they may work in a server room or data centre, where they modify and maintain system configurations and production.  While this role does require independent work, it also, demands communication when software and hardware issue may arise internally or with external clients.   


Impact on Society:

Computer Operators are essential to most organizations, their work and maintenance on computer systems is crucial to the flow and structure of any company.  They are often considered the ‘go-to’ person when it comes to troubleshooting computer issues.  While they may be considered lower on the organizational chart, they are imperative to the day-to-day functioning of any company or business.


Working Lifestyle:

This is a low-stress job and offers a great balance between social and independent work.  Often computer operators work within an office setting but they have also been known to work from home when working for various companies or systems.  Since Computer Operators are an essential part to every company, the position is in high-demand, making the job hunt a little easier.


Skill Requirements:

Problem Solving, Communication, Advanced IT Skills, Multitasking, Planning, Testing, Trend Awareness

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