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Corporate Blog Manager

Is writing your passion? Can’t get enough of blogging? Why not transform your hobby into a career? Corporate Bloggers are responsible for representing a company’s brand through the maintenance of their blog. Often Corporate Bloggers work on multiple blogs for a variety of companies and are employed by a marketing firm; however, it is common for bloggers to be directly hired by one company. A Corporate Blogger must understand their client’s messaging and must write appropriate content that targets a specific audience. Corporate Bloggers may also provide social media solutions and oversee all social media campaigns. Your duty as a Corporate Blogger is to ensure your client is up-to-date with social media trends and new technologies, ensuring their web presence is strong. Often skills in HTML and CSS are required for bloggers to personalize their content and knowledge of content managements systems (CMS) is a must.

Impact on Society:

Blogs can humanize an otherwise corporate website and opens up communication channels between the audience and company. As a Corporate Blogger you are a part of the marketing strategy and can have a positive impact upon any company’s outreach. Your work encourages a positive interaction between current employees, informs the public about available services, provides timely business updates, and helps a company attract new clientele.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Corporate Blogger, strong online communication skills are essential; you must be able to convey thoughts, ideas, and information to the public in a cohesive and professional manner while adding a certain amount of personal touch to your posts. You can expect to work alongside a marketing team in order to ensure that your content accurately represents the company’s brand. Blogs are a relatively new addition to an organization, making a career as a Corporate Bloggers a feasible option. Corporate Bloggers make a fairly good salary.


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Initiative, Multimedia Skills, Networking Skills, Passionate, Teamwork, Time Management, Writing Skills

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