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Data Architect

So what is a Data Architect? A Data Architect is responsible for creating the structure and flow of data within an organization. The data you are responsible for varies depending on the organization. For example, your school has a database that contains all your grades, attendance, and personal information and a Data Architect is in charge of this information.

 Many businesses seek Data Architects to ensure their data runs more effectively and efficiently.   Often data must be modeled after a business’ policies and procedures, while simultaneously supporting the strategic goals of the company.  Data Architects must understand the intricacies of data and must know key data architecture concepts like metadata management, business semantics management, data modeling and workflow management.

Impact on Society:

Data Architects are the “masters” of data and their role is to ensure data runs smoothly, to the correct source, and that it is secure at all times.  Governments, hospitals, corporations and universities are places where Data Architects are necessary and their contribution to the overall functioning is paramount.  By providing strategic advice to managers and guidance to technical staff, Data Architects play a pivotal role in the functioning of many essential global institutions.

Working Lifestyle:

Data Architects working environment is dependent upon their place of work.  Many Data Architects will work for large organizations but some may be hired within smaller firms that need their expertise.  Many responsibilities fall upon the shoulder of the Data Architect and with this comes high stress levels.  Data Architects role is compensated heavily with high salaries and bonuses.

Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, General Business Skills, Communication, Management, Multitasking, Testing, Innovation, Creativity, Architecture, Planning, Testing

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