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Data Scientist

Are you great at solving pieces of a puzzle? Are numbers and statistics your thing? Try putting your skills to the test as a Data Scientist!

Data becomes a useful tool only after patterns are identified. Without proper context, data is just a string of meaningless figures. Data Scientists sort through large amounts of data to uncover key trends and relevant insights to help a company make the right business decisions. Characterized as a kind of storyteller, Data Scientists find important messages hidden within a ton of statistics. By asking the right questions, Data Scientists are able to extract pertinent pieces of information to unravel meaning. With this information organized, businesses are able to focus on what the data represents rather than spending endless time on data management. Data Scientists analyze data from many different sources and look at information from all possible angles.


Impact on Society:

Ninety percent of all the data in the world was created within the last two years. This means that every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created (that’s a lot)! This data boom has generated a need for Data Scientists. With this massive amount of data floating around, Data Scientists work to decipher and contextualize information so that businesses can understand their consumer. A Data Analyst’s interpretations help management leverage the proper information which leads to great business results.


Working Lifestyle:

Data Scientists work alongside business and IT professionals. Although scientific analysis is a big part of their job, Data Scientists also need to know how to collaborate with others and communicate in a clear and concise manner. Data science is a relatively new profession, making Data Scientists a sought after position to fill for big corporations and small start-ups alike. Data Scientists can expect to make a high salary.


Skill Requirements:

Information Management, Analytical Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity, Dedication, Passion, Trend Awareness

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