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Database Administator

Do you enjoy organizing information and have a love for technology?
  Did you know that many organizations rely on Database Administrators to sort data and information logically within database? This job requires an individual to analyze information, design strategic data structures, monitor information flows, establish a secure environment, and conduct testing for quality assurance. Often a Database Administrator will redesign pre-established database models for increased productivity and quality assurance purposes. Many industries are in need of Database Administrators making this career choice a good start for your future.


Impact on Society:

Database Administrators ensure that an organization’s information is ordered in such a way so daily tasks can be carried out with ease and efficiency. Database Administrators also protect an organization’s integrity by making sure that their information is stored in a safe environment. Users benefit from easy access to large amounts of data and a secure platform thanks to Database Administrators.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Database Administrator, you can get work as a permanent employee or a contractor. Contractors work flexible hours, unlike permanent employees who work 9-5 with some overtime required. Database Administrators can expect a high annual salary.


Skill Requirements: 

Analytical Thinking, Design, Information Management, Testing, Multitasking, Software Knowledge, Time Management, Communication

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