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Design Analyst

Design Analyst
Do you feel that you are both analytical and creative?

If you want a job that pairs these two extremes together, you should think of becoming a Design Analyst. Design Analysts determine what users need and want and then design appropriate databases, applications, or programs to meet their requirements. Depending on the project, a design may have to be created from scratch or sometimes an existing design may need various add-ons and improvements. The analysis portion of the job requires figuring out key user needs, developing an appropriate timeline, and creating specific design guidelines. A Design Analyst’s goal is to come up with the best solution for a business, therefore, it is important that the entire scope of a project is understood. The design work requires creativity and you must use your software knowledge to create innovate designs that satisfy both the client and the customer. As a Design Analyst, you often oversee the development, programming, and testing of your work.


Impact on Society:

Design Analysts ensure that a project is designed to meet user needs. They are not just designers; they also are aware of trends, business requirements, and end-user expectations. By making these factors a priority, Design Analysts are able to produce the best possible product for their client. When a database, application, or program is designed with business and the user in mind, the final product is much more successful.


Working Lifestyle:

Design Analysts work in typical office environments and are expected to operate as a team with various computer analysts and programmers. Since programmers are in charge of developing your design, communication is crucial for success. You will also be in constant contact with end-users in order to determine their needs and desires for each project. As a Design Analyst, you can expect a wide range of salaries depending on who you work for and what level of experience you have.


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Creativity, Software Knowledge, Design, Communication, Time Management, Initiative, Trend Awareness, Planning, Innovation

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