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Digital Media Designer

Are you creative, innovative, and technologically inclined?

Want to contribute to the digital world?
Become a Digital Media Designer!

Digital Media Designers are responsible for creating various digital media components, such as images, special effects, animation and video, that can be used on websites, in video games, movies, presentations, television, mobile applications, and other platforms. Digital media must be designed in a way that’s best for communicating messages, information, and entertainment to the consumer audience. As a Digital Media Designer, you are in charge of implementing the design process, determining how the digital media should be displayed to the public, developing the final product, and performing usability testing. In addition to creating digital media for online and virtual technologies, Digital Media Designers can use their computer software skills to create digitally designed content for traditional mediums such as magazines, newspapers, posters, and newsletters.


Impact on Society:

Just how impactful is a text-only website? How about a video game with no special effects or sound? Do you think you’d enjoy listening to a presentation if it didn’t include any animation or video? Digital Media Designers make technology more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. They are responsible for sparking a constant flow of communication and learning through digital interaction. Digital Media Designers can also use their talents to add marketing flare to various industries, such as business, law, science, and medicine, by introducing digital media components to company websites or creating a promotional video.



Working Lifestyle:

Digital Media Designers are able to find employment in many different industries since digital special effects are needed in many different mediums. This job requires regular interaction with graphic artists, video specialists, animators and audio specialists, so excellent communication skills are necessary. Digital Media Designers make a great annual salary.


Skill Requirements:

Software Knowledge, Design, Innovation, Communication, Creativity, Multimedia Skills, Passionate, Testing, Teamwork

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