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eCommerce Architect

Are you a natural leader, love online shopping and enjoy building things? Perhaps you should consider being an eCommerce Architect. One of the leading online roles today, eCommerce Architects design and employ eCommerce applications for various businesses. eCommerce Architects are integral to the design process of an eCommerce site and their work includes developing the user interface, implementing technical strategies, ensuring security measures are in place, and they often work with marketing teams on outreach campaigns. As an eCommerce Architect you must understand the latest trend in marketing, online shopping, security, and have a knack for creating user friendly sites that people come back to. eCommerce Architects have usually have backgrounds in web development, marketing, user interface design, and management.

Impact on Society:

Innovative ecommerce solutions can impact a business in a positive way and help them reach a wide variety of consumers. As a specialist in the field, an eCommerce Architect can inform companies on new laws, security issues, and technologies that could impact their overall sales – increasing the importance of this career.

Working Lifestyle:

Teamwork is an important characteristic of eCommerce Architects, since they often work alongside other IT professionals and marketing teams. As an eCommerce Architect, you might secure a job as a permanent employee for one particular organization or you may find work as a contractor working for different organizations on various projects. eCommerce Architects are in demand and benefit from a very high pay scale.

Skill Requirements:

Architecture, Communication, Design, Innovation, Leadership, Planning, Problem Solving, Organizational Skills, Management, Time Management

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