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eCommerce Developer

Maybe it’s your future…

eCommerce developerAre you interested in marketing, web design, and online shopping? As an eCommerce Developer you are the genius behind all online stores and shopping sites that allow consumers to purchase goods and services online. eCommerce Developers work on projects from start to finish and are responsible for developing the design, database, security system, backend user interface, and testing. This role also requires you to have background knowledge in marketing, web development, and an understanding of retail supply chain. eCommerce Developers are some of the most innovative minds in new technologies and their impact can be seen across the web; just think about how eBay, Shopify, Amazon all got started – with an eCommerce Developer.

Impact on Society:

The Internet is one of the most powerful platforms when it comes to a running a business or managing your personal life. Whether you’re selling products, buying goods, transferring funds or creating your next marketing campaign, eCommerce is a necessity in today’s world. Just think of all the transactions you or your family do online – have you bought a shirt online? Transferred money from your bank account to another? Sold something on eBay lately? All these transactions are considered part of eCommerce.

Working Lifestyle:

As an eCommerce Developer, you are usually hired as a consultant; you could work in an office or from home depending on your employer. You need to have strong communication skills since you will be in constant contact with web designers, web developers and other specialists and must continuously consult with your client to ensure that your work aligns with their expectations. eCommerce Developers enjoy a high annual salary.

Skill Requirements:

Leadership, Communication, Time Management, Multitasking, Creativity, Advanced IT Skills, Software Knowledge, Testing, Innovation, Design

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