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eCommerce Technical Analyst

eCommerce Technical Analyst Are you great at pinpointing errors and finding solutions to correct them? Do you like working with a team and is technically inclined? Maybe you should consider becoming an eCommerce Technical Analyst.  An eCommerce Technical Analyst has the job of analyzing and rectifying various technical problems in relation to ecommerce websites, which are online store systems that allow businesses to sell products and services. As an eCommerce Technical Analyst, you are responsible for analyzing complicated technical problems and ensuring that the right solutions are put in. eCommerce Technical Analysts are experts in conducting technical support for everything ‘ecommerce’ – duties include overseeing website performance and data accuracy, isolating various problematic issues, implementing technical and software upgrades, making sure that infrastructure is modernized and organized, and reviewing the quality of the system as a whole.

Impact on Society:

As an eCommerce Technical Analyst, you ensure that an ecommerce website operates effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Even if a website is beautifully designed and developed, it is rendered useless if technical problems arise and aren’t fixed. What if you wanted to buy something from your favourite online store but just as you were inputting your credit card details, the page broke? Or what if the shopping cart feature wasn’t working at all? All of these aspects of an ecommerce website must be routinely checked and fixed when required. eCommerce Technical Analysts make sure that all your online purchases run smoothly so that they reach your doorstep on time!

Working Lifestyle:

Employed in a typical office setting, an eCommerce Technical Analysts work closely with Project Managers as well as other ecommerce team members, such as eCommerce Developers and eCommerce Architects. This necessary collaboration means that communication skills are essential for your career success. As an eCommerce Technical Analyst, you will receive a great salary and benefit from a high employment growth rate.


Skill Requirements: 

Advanced IT Skills, Analytical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, Design, Initiative, Attention to Detail, Application Support and Maintenance, Testing, Teamwork

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