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eHealth Information Manager

eHealth Information Managers are responsible for collecting, implementing, managing and maintaining eHealth information systems and programs. These systems and programs house patient health information digitally and allow for quick access, while maintaining high security. It is very important that this medical data is accurate and complete so that health professionals can provide quality patient care. As an eHealth Information Manager, you are in charge of developing eHealth strategies that take advantage of innovative information management technologies. eHealth Information Managers are responsible for ensuring that information management best practices are met and medical legal standards are maintained.


Impact on Society:

As an eHealth Information Manager, you make sure that patients’ medical information is available and accurate at all times. Having medical records on hand allows doctors to assess a situation quickly and equips them with pertinent background information. When health information is easily accessible, patients can receive fast quality care. Unlike previous paper-based filing systems, electronic databases make it easy for health professionals to access up-to-date information with the touch of a button.


Working Lifestyle:

Although eHealth Information Managers work in health care, they do not have direct contact with patients. Rather, they work alongside information technologists, database developers and administrators. To ensure patient’s information is accurate, eHealth Information Managers must stay in constant communication with nurses and doctors. eHealth Information Managers can expect to work about 40 hours per week and benefit from a great salary.


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Information Management, Writing Skills, Leadership, Decision Making, Communication, Attention to Detail, Software Knowledge, Management

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