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eHealth Privacy Manager

eHealth Privacy manager Are you a born leader who is interested in electronic security?

Perhaps you should consider a career in eHealth Privacy Management. Medical privacy is everyone’s right, and with the majority of information being stored upon electronic databases, someone needs to safeguard this valuable data. eHealth Privacy Managers maintain the privacy and integrity of a patient’s medical information. Daily tasks include developing, implementing and overseeing security policies and procedures, while ensuring that all privacy technologies are secure and up-to-date. eHealth Privacy Managers often act as key advisors for entire organizations due to their knowledge about current legislation requirements, privacy best-practices and standards.


Impact on Society:

The public puts its trust in the health care system to keep personal information safe and available at all times. In the past, paper records were easily lost or damaged, difficult to protect and hard to share with those who needed access quickly. As an eHealth Privacy Manager, you ensure that all patients’ medical information is collected, used, disclosed, and eventually disposed, in a secure manner.


Working Lifestyle:

As an eHealth Privacy Manager, you can expect to work in a typical office environment and receive a fairly high salary. Overtime is not required unless a serious technical issue occurs and needs attention. eHealth Privacy Managers must have great communication skills, since, they often collaborate with others while ensuring all documents, technologies, and products adhere to industry standards.


Skill Requirements: 

Management, Information Management, Software Knowledge, Attention to Detail, Trend Awareness, Communication, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Initiative

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