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eHealth Technical Analyst


Are you an analytical thinking, problem solver, and interested in health as a career? eHealth Technical Analysts are health workers who analyze technical issues that affect health IT systems and ensure that the proper solutions are in place for optimum technical efficiency. eHealth Analysts use advanced technical, programming, and software knowledge to determine IT issues and offers solutions to fix these problems quickly. Since it is important that eHealth systems are functioning at all times, eHealth Technical Analysts must constantly analyze a system’s components to check for potential failures, before they happen. Their main duties consist of monitoring eHealth systems, ensuring information is accurate, updating systems, and implementing new technologies that are beneficial. eHealth Technical Analysts also hold the role of mediator – acting as a liaison between technical workers and health professionals, they provide clear instructions to both parties in a language they can understand.


Impact on Society:

eHealth systems provide health professionals with the pertinent knowledge they need to take care of patients. Since these systems are needed every day, it is extremely important that they are functioning correctly at all times. This is where Health Technical Analysts come in – without them, eHealth systems may unexpectedly crash, malfunction, or stop working all together. If this happens, health professionals cannot refer to a patient’s eHealth records, use their eHealth mobile devices, access appointment scheduling, or easily share information to other colleagues.


Working Lifestyle:

eHealth Technical Analysts benefit from a great salary and a fairly open job market. As an eHealth Technical Analyst, you will work a normal 40 hour week. Occasionally overtime work is expected if an issue needs to be resolved quickly – this can involve late evening or weekend work, depending on the problem at hand. Regular interaction with team members is also a key feature of this job, making strong communication skills an important attribute to have.


Skill Requirements: 

Advanced IT Skills, Analytical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, Design, Initiative, Attention to Detail, Application Support and Maintenance, Testing, Teamwork

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