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Electrical Design Engineer

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Have a knack for design? Want to find a career that combines a creative mind with a passion for engineering? Why not become an Electrical Design Engineer? Electrical Design Engineers are experts in designing and developing innovative electrical products and systems. Electrical Design Engineers make sure that all inner and outer design components function correctly at all times. Working alongside other designers and engineers, Electrical Design Engineers spend their time researching concepts, creating preliminary designs, designing prototypes, conducting testing and re-testing, and correcting various design flaws. Electrical Design Engineers often use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and other modelling software to produce their drawings. Creating electronic models allows for virtual prototyping, which saves time and money since the product can be reviewed, tested, and re-tested quickly and effectively. Electrical Design Engineers are also hired to improve upon existing products or systems.


Impact on Society:

Electrical Design Engineers are the masterminds behind electrical products and systems. While adhering to various building codes, rules, and regulations, Electrical Design Engineers ensure that a product or system is safe for industrial and public use. With the introduction of digital design technologies, such as CAD, hiring an Electrical Design Engineer with the right technical skills increases project efficiency and accuracy.


Working Lifestyle:

Electrical Design Engineers tend to work in computer-based office environments and occasionally travel to construction sites, depending on the project. Communication skills are important since Electrical Design Engineers work in a team-based environment and need to create a strong relationship with each client. Although this career can be stressful at times, Electrical Design Engineers thrive in a fast-paced environment full of new and exciting challenges and earn high salaries.


Skill Requirements:

Creativity, Advanced IT Skills, Attention to Detail, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Analytical Thinking, Passionate

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