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eMarketing Analyst

Interested in marketing? Want a career that is focused around consumer behaviour? You should think about becoming an eMarketing Analyst!

eMarketing Analysts are responsible for developing new and improved online promotional tactics, advertising campaigns and innovative marketing strategies all based upon a website’s raw data. This data includes things like search activity, page views and overall web traffic. By analyzing this information, eMarketing Analysts learn how consumers are responding to an existing marketing strategy and can alter it to produce better results. eMarketing Analysts are also experts in researching new trends, carrying out quality assurance testing, performing search engine optimization (SEO), and gaining an edge on an organization’s competition.


Impact on Society:

The online world is evolving at a rapid rate – without constant attention, an organization can easily fall behind or worse, be forgotten. Organizations capitalize on analysts’ knowledge of current and upcoming trends in marketing and technology. From this knowledge they create effective marketing campaigns that are impactful.


Working Lifestyle:

Although the demand for eMarketing Analysts is already high, it is expected to increase further as more and more businesses look to start marketing online. eMarketing Analysts work closely with eMarketing Specialists, Web Developers and Web Content Managers making communication skills an asset for this role. eMarketing Analysts can expect to work standard hours in a typical office environment and are paid a good salary.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, General Business Skills, Initiative, Multitasking, People Skills, Organizational Skills, Teamwork, Trend Awareness, Analytical Thinking

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