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eMarketing Specialist

Are you great at multitasking? Want to work with the web and social media on a daily basis? eMarketing Specialists combine marketing knowledge, technical capabilities, and great project management skills to optimize a client’s web presence. eMarketing specialists have the luxury of being able to work for all types of organizations, both big and small, and their skills are highly sought after. So what do they do on a day-to-day basis? eMarketing Specialists develop online strategies that communicate their client’s message to a targeted audience. As an eMarketing Specialist, you have many different responsibilities such as creating marketable web content, setting up email marketing campaigns, and managing social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Vimeo etc). You are an expert in reputation management and must resolve any negative comments found online regarding your client’s business, products, or services. You are also responsible for implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tools, which increase the ‘search ability’ of your client’s business on web browsers.


Impact on Society:

Millions of people use the Internet to watch videos, network with friends, conduct research, and learn. Platforms for consuming media have shifted from tradition print media to computers, smartphones, and tablets, increasing the job potential of an eMarketing Specialist. Creating effecting online marketing campaigns is a requirement for today’s businesses and eMarketing specialists provide the solutions and knowledge that businesses seek.


Working Lifestyle:

As an eMarketing Specialist, you can expect to work in a comfortable office environment that requires collaboration and interaction with other team members. A regular 40-hour work week is the norm for this job; however, overtime hours are sometimes necessary if deadlines need to be met. eMarketing Specialists benefit from an excellent job market and a good income.


Skill Requirements: 

Communication, Creativity, Decision Making, Innovation, Management, Multimedia Skills, Multitasking, Networking Skills, Strategic Thinking, Trend Awareness

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