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Energy Efficiency Engineer

Excessive energy use
can harm our environment and contributes to our global emissions – Energy Efficiency Engineers analyze energy use and offer solutions that can improve buildings or organizations energy consumption. Energy Efficiency Engineers perform audits on various building sites that examine mechanical, electrical, and thermal energy use. These audits can be done to new structures or ones that are being remodelled. With the information from these audits, Energy Efficiency Engineers will create usage goals by recommending innovative energy saving ideas. As an Energy Efficiency Engineer, you are also in charge of keeping track of all progress, problems, and future goals. If you care about the planet and want to decrease energy waste than this may be the job for you!


Impact on Society:

As an Energy Efficient Engineer, your work directly impacts the welfare of our planet. You can help organizations and homeowners alike, by reducing energy use and costs. Your contribution to creating an energy efficient world will help reduce global greenhouse gases. Energy Efficient Engineer’s help educate society on ways to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ – creating a better world for us all.

Working Lifestyle:

As an Energy Efficiency Engineer, you will conduct various energy audits at industrial plants, commercial buildings and residential homes. These audits are sometimes performed outside at construction sites or at remote locations, requiring travel. After audits are completed, the follow-up work is conducted within an office setting or from home. The usual work week is 40 hours; however, if a deadline is fast approaching and a project needs to be completed, additional hours of work may be required. Energy Efficiency Engineers benefit from high salaries and great job satisfaction.

Skill Requirements:

Communication, Writing Skills, General Business Skills, Trend Awareness, Planning, Innovation, Attention to Detail, Passionate, Project Management


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