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Enterprise Mobile Developer

Does app development interest you? Want to help revolutionize the business world?

Why not become an Enterprise Mobile Developer? An Enterprise Mobile Developer’s job is to create mobile applications tailored specifically for use in the business world. Similar to commercial mobile app developers, Enterprise Mobile Developers must first find out what their client is looking for, plan the project, develop the application, and then test the end product for any errors and bugs. While this process is aligned very closely with commercial development, Enterprise Mobile Developers take the development process one step further and must seamlessly integrate into an already established system. Enterprise Mobile Developers must adhere to security guidelines, work with existing backend platforms, and follow a company’s business objectives, making development a challenge! Development of enterprise mobile apps takes substantially longer than consumer app development, since companies will usually run a pilot of the app before it is launched.


Impact on Society:

Only recently have businesses started to embrace the use of enterprise mobile apps in the workplace. Companies now understand that employees benefit from using apps that support business procedures and assist with daily tasks while being intuitive, friendly, and engaging at the same time. As an Enterprise Mobile Developer, you can apply your app developing skills to a fresh market and offer companies and innovative approach to online consumption.

Working Lifestyle:

Mobile app development is a broadening field with lots of employment opportunity. In the new and exciting arena of enterprise mobile apps, Enterprise Mobile Developers benefit from very high revenue potential, since business apps are able to sell at premium prices. Often employed as contractors, Enterprise Mobile Developers can work from home or within a large design firm.


Skill Requirements: 

Problem Solving, Advanced IT Skills, Attention to Detail, Creativity, Innovation, Software Knowledge, Passion, Multitasking, Trend Awareness, Testing

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