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Film Producer

Ever thought about becoming involved in the movie business but are too shy to act on screen? You can still play an integral role in movie production by becoming a Film Producer. Your role as a producer means you manage all aspects of the film; this includes pre-production, selecting the script, copyright procedures, hiring a crew, casting, location scouting, applying for permits, scheduling, shooting, and packaging the film etc. Film Producers are also in charge of attending any networking events or conferences to promote the film during and after production. While this may be a glamorous job at times, it is a highly stressful occupation that requires commitment, long-hours, and dedication.


Impact on Society:

Watched a movie recently? Movies are ingrained in our culture and act as an outlet for artists and storytellers to share their talent to the world. Movies inspire, move, and alter an audience’s perception of the world they live in. As a Film Producer you play a huge role in selecting which scripts are selected, who the cast will be, and where you want to launch your film. Film Producers also work on documentaries that have proven to shape people’s perception of global issues and pertinent topics, increasing the importance of the career.


Working Lifestyle:

There is lots of competition in the film production world; Film Producers must understand this reality and work hard to make their voice heard. Film Producers need to be prepared to work long and unpredictable hours, since shoots are often in the evening and overnight. There are major hubs for Film production including New York, Las Angeles, Toronto, London, Cape Town, Vancouver, and Paris; however, films are often shot at cheaper locations making travel a must for this profession. Salary changes drastically depending on what kind of project you are producing. You might find yourself working as an independent filmmaker or working on larger productions with extensive funding.


Skill Requirements:

Organizational Skills, Creativity, Passionate, Decision Making, Time Management, Teamwork, Communication, Writing Skills, Leadership, General Business Skills

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